RL Release 1.0 Distribution

Notes: 11/2/98 - made minor enhancements - please take a new copy

This is the first release of the RL launcguage system - as you can imagine it's all still new - I don't know of any bugs (except for what's listed below) if you do find any please contact me at paul@taniwha.com.

There are two parts to the release - the flight computer independent programs rl - the compiler and rsim the simulator

and the Taniwha flight computer specific programs rcvt and asm51.

There are three forms of the release available:

Notes - known problems:

Taniwha specific release notes

This release includes all the binary files to build a program. To get started download the appropriate kit from the above list. To build you need 4 binaries: To build the file XXX.r into a binary suitable for loading into the Taniwha flight computer enter the following commands (there's a PC tc.bat file included in the PC distribution that will do this for you):

	rl XXX.r
	rcvt XXX.x -o XXX.s
	asm51 XXX.s -o XXX.51

Now download your program into your flight computer - all RL programs start at 0x8000 so type "g 8000" to run your program.

A sample - using the 'hello world' program included in the distribution:


	rl hello.r
	rsim hello.x

This will run the simulator that will print "hello world". Now build a FC binary:
	rl hello.r
	rcvt hello.x -o hello.s
	asm51 hello.s -o hello.51
Now download hello.51 into your flight computer (this may be as simple as catting it out of a text file and pasting it into your terminal window - if it supports this). Next type "g 8000" to the flight computer it should print "hello world" and reset.

Notes - known problems: